Somatic Symptom Disorder after Recovery from Anorexia Nervosa

Anxiety disorders are the most common disorders associated with anorexia nervosa. Some even suggest that eating disorders be classified under the category of anxiety disorders. Among anxiety disorders, generalized anxiety disorder and social anxiety disorder are the most

Recently, I had a patient who was recovering well from anorexia. The return of weight to the normal range and the improvement of symptoms related to eating disorder were clearly visible. But I noticed numerous somatic complaints in different sessions, unlike other patients, he was no longer worried about weight gain, but worried that anorexia had caused irreversible damage to his body and organs.

By reassurance, the somatic symptoms would temporarily decrease but increase again, and our counseling sessions focused more on his concerns about the various somatic symptoms she was experiencing. Despite the medical examination, no problems were seen in him. Finally, by prescribing an ssri, the somatization symptoms got better. It seems that illness anxiety disorder and somatic symptom disorder may associated with anorexia nervosa.

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