Just give me some time

Anorexia Nervosa

Yesterday, I had a counseling session with the family of a patient suffering from anorexia nervosa. The patient’s mother suggested that we give the patient a chance to slowly prepare for the treatment and the patient asked the family for a few weeks to prepare for the treatment; just give me some time.

Studies suggest that individuals with eating disorders face substantial delays in accessing appropriate treatment. Recovery from anorexia nervosa is associated with many anxieties and fears. Fear of losing control, fear of gaining weight, fear of changing body and even fear of breaking away from anorexia nervosa as an established identity.

Despite all these fears, the recovery process is a path full of anxiety and the patient has to fight the disorder, and of course, without the support of the family, this fight is impossible and difficult.

In my opinion, every second of delay in treating anorexia nervosa only makes the monster of anorexia stronger. Therefore, the amount of time we give anorexia disorder a chance to survive is only zero seconds.

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